History of the Faculty


In its first days of establishment, IAUCTB accepted students in majors of translation studies, English, French, and German in BA levels. A great number of students enrolled for such courses. The professors of such courses were public university faculty members. About 25 years ago, the faculty was transferred to the northern part of Tehran, Zaferanie, it was officially established and changed into the faculty of foreign languages. Five to 6 thousand students were studying there in those days. Mr. Mansour Sanaee was in charge as the head of the faculty by the late 1989. In 1990, Dr. Abdollah Baradaran was appointed as the head of the faculty and he remained in charge of that position as well as of the head of the English language Department till late 1998. At that time,the faculty had more than 5000 students as full time and part-time, and there were about 40-50 members of the academy in English, French, German, and Armenian Departments. All of the Fields of studies had been approved by the Ministry of Science. Dr Baradarn was succeeded by Dr Seyyed Saied Firouzabadi who held the position till 2002. Then, Dr Fazoullah Ghodsi took the responsibility of the faculty, and after that Dr Heydari was appointed as the head of the faculty for two years. 2007 to 2014, Dr Mohamad Ziyar were in charge of the faculty. At the moment Dr. Baradaran is the head of the faculty. This faculty has more than 3000 students at B.A, M.A, and Ph.D now.