Dean of the Faculty

Curriculum  Vitae


personal information

  • Name: Abdollah Baradaran
  • Rank: Associate   Professor
  • Education: Ph.D in TEFL
  • Department: English Language Teaching
  • cell phone # 0912-1256941 , 0910-6702005
  • Office # 021-88370650



  • Ph.D: In Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL ( IAU research and science campus  1377)
  • M.A: In  Teaching English as  a Foreign Language TEFL ( Allameh Tabatabaee University 1367)
  • B.A: In English  language and Literature (Allameh Tabatabaee University 1357)


Administrave positions in IAUCTB

  1.  Dean of the faculty of foreign languages 1369-1377
  2.   Head of the Center of Graduate Studies 1379-1382
  3.  Research deputy of the IAUCTB / Vice president or acting director   of the university – 1382-1389
  4.    Head of the Research Council in district 8 of IAU-1388-1393
  5.   Head of the English Department for B.A and M.A studies 1369-up to now
  6.  Full time academic member of the English Department
  7.   Director of the Research council of the IAUCTB 1382-1379
  8.   Director of the publication center of the IAUCTB 1382-1379
  9.   Director of the publication council of the IAUCTB 1382-1379
  10.    Head of the publication council in IAU, district 8
  11.   Head of the Pyambar Azam University Complex – 1393-up  to now
  12.   Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages 1393-up to now
  13.   Head of the English department of graduate studies M.A & ph.D since 1393-up  to now
  14.   Head of the executive committee for the crusaders and self – sacrificing students of IAUCTB 1383-1389
  15.   Chairman of the executive committee for Tirbunal Theorizing, Critics and Scientific debates
  16.   Committee member of the academic recruiting members in IAUCTB for 5 years
  17.   Committee member of the commission of students special educatinal affairs for 5 years in IAUCTB
  18.   Committee member of the university transactions in IAUCTB for 5 years
  19.   Committee member of Cultural Council in IAUCTB, 1382-1389
  20.   Chief of the committee of instructor recruiting for Special and General English departments in district 8
  21.   Committee member of the International Scientific Congress for science production, software and thought freedom movement.
  22.      Committe member of the executive head quarter of the 25 years of effort and attained honors of the Islamic Azad University
  23.   Committee member of planning, programming and budgeting council in IAU district 8
  24.   Chief of the committee of the university’s project in district 8
  25.  Committee member and plannor of the intrepreneurial offairs in IAUCTB
  26.   Committee member of the composing team of the university’s long term strategic program
  27.   Committee member of the supreme head quarter for comemorating research week
  28.   Committee member of the university’s educational council 1382-now


Printed articles in scientific Journals

  1. The Impact of CALL Technology on Improving EFL Learners’ Pronunclalion Power.
  2.  The Impact of Online Chatting on EFL Learners’ Oral Fluency
  3.  The Effect of Colllaborative Risk Taking on Learners’ Writing Ability of Iranian English Students.
  4.  The Effect of Task Repetition on Pragmatic Awareness of Iranian EFL Learners.
  5. The Impact of Cultural Background of Iranian students Test Taking Affair Regarding Cloze Tests.
  6. The Impact of Teaching Culture to the Iranian Students of English as a Foreign Language.
  7. The Impact of Target Culture on Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL Learners.
  8.  The Impact of formula on Multiple Choice and yes/no Question
  9. The Impact of Scaffolding on The Iranian EFL Learners English Academic Writing
  10. . A Study of The Role of Collaborative Negotiation in The Acquisition of Lexical Meaning.
  11.  Comparing the Effect of Difficult Words and Key Cohesive Lexical Chain on Iranian EFL Learners Reading Comprehension.
  12. . Investigating The Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers’ Teaching Styles and Their autonomy.
  13. . The Effect of Self Correction on Extroverted and Introverted Intermediate EFL Learners’ writing Improvements.
  14. . The Difference Between Extrovert / Introvert EFL Learners Cooperative Writing.
  15.  Exploring The Relationship Between Iranian EFL Teachers’ Styles and Their Total Autonomy.
  16.  The Role of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in Translations of The Book: An Introduction to Sociology; on the Basis of Fairclough’s Model.
  17.  Investigating The Relationship Between Iranian EFL Teachers’ Teaching Styles and Their Neuro-linguisti Programming.
  18.  On The Reationship Between Iranian EFL Teachers Perfectionism and Their Reflectivity.
  19.  The Impact of Correction for Guessing Formula on MC and yes/no Vocabulary Test Scorcs.
  20.  The Comparative Effect of Using Electronic Short Story Books and Traditional Printed Texts on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension.
  21.  The Comparative Effect of Top-down Processing and Bottom-up Processing Through TBLT on Extrovel and Introvert EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension.
  22.  The Comparative Impact of Using Intensive Reading and Task-Based Reading Activities on Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners Writing Abilities.
  23. The Relationship between Teaching Styles and Autonomy among Iranian Female EFL Teachers , Teaching at Advanced Levels .
  24. The Relationship Between EFL Teachers' Efficacy of Classroom Management and Their  Personality .
  25. The Impact of Utilizing computer Assisted Language Learning on EFl Learners ' Foreign  Accent Reduction .
  26. Comparing  the Effect of Structured  Pre-Task Planning  in L1 and  L2  on EFL   Learners'  English Wriring Performance .
  27. The Relationship  between  Learner  Autonomy  and Vocabulary  Learning  Strategies  in Iranian EFL  Learners  With Different   Language  Proficiency Level .
  28. Cognitive Strategy Instruction: Using L1 during L2  paragraph  Development  process.
  29. The Study of Ideological Manipulation in Persian Translations of Noam Chomsky 's Media Control Based on Farahzad's Translation Criticism Model.
  30. Impact  of Station  Teaching on EFL Learners' Vocabulary  Retention .
  31. The Role of Translation Industry in Knowledge Based Ecconomy: cultural / scientific Investment or loss of money.


Published Books

  1.  Principle and Theories of Translation
  2.  General English Throug Reading
  3.  English For the Students of Persian Literature
  4. English for The Students of Applied Chemistry
  5.  English for The Students of Pure Chemistry
  6.  Backache and Ways of Prevention
  7.  Artrorumatism and ways of coping with it
  8.  Encyclopedia for children “tell me why”? Volum 9
  9.  Encyclopedia for children “tell me why”? Volum 10


Articles presented in International Conferences and Seminars

  1.    “The Impact of Group Work Risk Talking on Writing Skill” ( malysia)
  2.     “The Effects of Multimedia CALL on Vocab Learning” (south korea)
  3.      Language Evaluation and Tests Quality (IAUNTB))


Honors and awards

  1.  Award winner of the appointed academic member of Tenth Anniversary of the Islamic Azad University.
  2.  Award winner of the National Conference on Englsh Language and Linguistic Issues in Islamic Azad Universsity, North Tehran Branch.
  3.  Award winner of the appointed research deputy of the year in 1385.
  4.  Award winner of the best translator of the book “World of Arts” in Roshd Best Books Festival.
  5.  Award winner for the active participation in chain conferences of county’s vision document in the norrizon of 1404.
  6.  Award winner of the best research director in 5th Research Anniversary Festival in 1388.
  7.  Award winner for participating and attending the workshop of improving and developing Educational Methods and Technoques.
  8.  Receiving the certificate of attending the workshop for educational management for research deputies.
  9.  Receving the Certificate of Attending the Strategic Managment Workshop.
  10.  Receving Certificate of Attending a Course in “Leadership in Higher Education” Oxford University in England.


Research and Educational activities

  1.   Advisor of more them 80 graduate theses
  2.   Reader of more them 80 graduate theses
  3.   Taching B.A courses to the stdents of translation 1365-1377
  4.   Teaching M.A courses to the students of TEFL and translation
  5.   Teaching the following courses to ph.D students

                        a . Materal development and syllabus design

                        b. SLA studies

                        c. FLA studies


cooperating in  teaching affairs at M.A and  Ph.D levels with  different universities.

  •         IAU South Tehran Branch .
  •         IAU North Tehran Branch .
  •         IAU Qods Branch  .
  •         IAU Qeshm Branch .
  •        IAU Bandar Abbas branch .